This video is from an MS Society Leadership Conference.  I was asked the question “What does a cure mean to you?”  

NEWS -after 34 years there is a medication for the type of MS I have and I have just started it.  This is the results of your donations!

OTHER NEWS – 2020 – Besides everything else this year, MS  has given me a new VERY FUCKED up symptom, that has changed my everyday life.  It’s TMI for this page, but if you want to know, email me.

Over 36 years ago I was diagnosed with MS. Many of the symptoms are invisible (gait, fatigue, etc.), but they affect me on a daily basis.  If you see me walk, I look drunk off my a**.  Stairs HAVE to have a rail for me to hold on to, or I’m not going near them.  If there is one thing you know about me is that I would like to see a cure found for MS.  I have participated in this event for many years now.  Last year I could barely do the walk, and this year if there was a live walk, I’m not sure I could do it.