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Westchester Website Design | Why we use Joomla, a website design firm in Westchester has experience working with most Content Management Systems.  Although we can and do work with any system, we prefer to design our new sites based on Joomla.

Why to use Joomla – The open source CMS Joomla is an open source content management system (CMS)  used widely in developing Professional websites. It is available free under GNU – General Public License.  Joomla is famous for its ease of use and the way it handles the variety of web content like static web pages, blogs, search features etc..

The variety of reasons why Joomla should be used are:

-  Open Source & Free:  The top reason why Joomla should be used is, it is an open source piece of software which means it is free which makes it powerful and used all over the world.
-  Easy for developers:  Joomla makes it easier for the developers to manage and update the web content. It helps the developer in many ways like adding new pages, updating the pages, linking the pages with the main navigation or sub-navigation.
-  Redesign becomes simpler:  Many organizations update their websites after a few years. So for such customers, joomla makes it easier and faster for the developers to re-design the website with or without changing the content.
-  Wide range of Plugins:  Joomla provides a wide range of plugins to developers which makes their work simpler.
-  Friendly URLs:  The script generates very friendly URLs which makes the SEO positioning better.
-  Good Customer Support:  Many tools and tutorials are provided to the programmer’s which makes learning Joomla quicker and smoother. Also if any problem is arising in maintaining the website, the query can be reported and the query will be solved by the large community of Joomla.
-  Usability:  Joomla can be used to build everything from a small website or personal blog to a very large corporate website.
-  Accessibility:  A layman person with no technical knowledge can also develop or edit a website using Joomla.
-  Carefree Migration:  A website made in Joomla can be made to run on any server and it will run without any problem. -  Variety of eye-catching themes and templates:  Joomla provides a wide range of eye-catching themes and templates which help you in making your website look attractive. You can change the applied template very easily. Also you can create your own template using Joomla.