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Westchester SEO | Should I Buy Multiple Domains?, an SEO firm in Westchester gets asked all the time if it would help Search Engine Optimization - SEO to buy multiple keyword heavy domains that point to the same site.   We don’t mean that they have a couple related domains, I mean the same business and same offerings or services on more than one domain.

If you want the answer in one word, NO!

Using multiple domain names to boost SEO value of one Web site is a tricky beast. While it might seem simple enough to register many domains containing keywords for which you’d like to rank and then routing traffic through them to your primary Web site, it is actually not so easy.

For one thing, search engines do not like duplicate content, and that is what multiple URLs pointing to the same content looks like to them. You have no doubt heard of the “Google duplicate content penalty.” This is not actually a penalty actively imposed by Google—or any other search engine for that matter. Rather, it results from the desire of search engines to provide users with a variety of relevant content.

We usually find out about these domains in one of two ways: I find them through poking around and investigating the site (and the client usually acts like it’s some sort of dirty secret), or, they come to me about the domains and want more than one site to show up at the top of the search results.

A complicating factor to this is that, very recently, Google implemented an update aimed directly at domains that exactly match keywords, so many of the search ranking benefits that exact match domains used to enjoy have disappeared now. This is the point, actually: not only will having multiple domains do nothing for you, they will also potentially harm your search engine rankings.  If Google realises that you are trying to ‘buck the system’ by buying up extra domains and directing them all to one site, or even worse, producing the exact same content elsewhere on the web, you will be moved much lower in the search engines as a result. Because spammers have been doing this for years, Google recognises whether your content is unique, relevant, and authentic, and having multiple or copied sites will only harm you in the search engines.