Women's Class

Taking that first step to train in the martial arts can feel intimidating. We may not be sure that we've got the time to commit to training given work and family obligations.

For those of us who remember a time when our bodies were younger and in better shape, mastering the martial arts might seem out of reach. And, indeed, the training itself-although fun and exhilarating-necessarily involves an element of controlled stress. We don't own the techniques that we learn unless we can practice applying them in a situation where we feel some anxiety. But as important as it is to be prepared to defend ourselves and make choices at critical moments by cultivating awareness and confidence in our abilities, it is in our day-to-day lives that we most enjoy the benefits of training. And then we begin to understand that we don't have time to neglect it!

The philosophy of the women's program is that each individual student sets her own expectations and learns her limitations so that she can find safe ways to push past those barriers, whether they are physical or emotional. Age may pose some limits on us, but it throws up no obstacles that we can't work through (or around!). Thus, you will find that your colleagues on the floor range in age from their early 30s through their 50s.

Because we laugh together and learn how to cope with stress collectively, the camaraderie that the women's program generates is unparalleled, making NYGKA stand apart in the field of martial arts educations. Whether we are training in classes with the men and youngsters of NYGKA or are teaching, we take the strong bonds and spirit of support with us, helping to ensure that NYGKA is not just a collection of students and teachers, but rather a warm family.

We invite you to join the full-time mothers and working women who participate in the Tuesday morning women's class, taught by Shihan Jim Chillemi. For those who are unable to attend on Tuesday morning, we encourage you to try the Teen-Adult class or one of the beginner classes. For those who can attend the Tuesday morning women's class, we encourage you to extend your training in one of the belt-specific classes or the Teen-Adult class in order to enhance your own development and the experience of others in the school.