Private Lessons

Whether you are a white belt just learning the ropes or a black belt working on honing your technique and establishing your mindset, private lessons offer a unique opportunity to receive sustained, focused attention and help from one of our seasoned instructors.

In the 30 to 60 minutes you spend with a black belt instructor, you or your child will have the opportunity to perfect the curriculum taught in class and learn new material at a pace designed to meet individual needs. Your black belt will talk with you about material that yo are struggling with, identify skills for you to work on at home, and critically, discuss with you the ways in which you can practice those techniques most effectively. Our goal is not simply to encourage you to practice more, but practice better.

Regardless of whether you come only once or decide to train privately on a regular basis, your instructor will take detailed notes on your training session. This allows our staff to serve your better at the next lesson as well as in the classroom. These notes are part of the record we keep that marks how each individual grows as a martial artist and a person. We look forward to these opportunities to know you better and help you bring out the very best in yourself.