G.O.L.D - Leadership

Leadership Class

Those who train regularly with us or who have simply explored the web site have grasped that many things separate NYGKA from the field of martial arts education. The cornerstone of all of our programs is Shihan’s GOLD [Goal-Oriented Leadership Development] Leadership class.

It provides the experience that lends NYGKA its distinctive character. When a sensei looks you in the eye, holds your gaze, provides a warm handshake, conveys steadiness, and answers your queries with certainty and sincerity, it is a sure mark that he or she has been studying not only the martial arts, but actively working to develop leaderships skills.

Some martial artists are naturally gifted, charismatic leaders, but the NYGKA philosophy is that with consistent guidance and practice, we all hold the capacity to instruct in a way that leads to lasting interpersonal connections and, ultimately, inspiration.

Students invited to invest in the GOLD class have the opportunity to rehearse as teachers, but they do not simply learn by rote. Nor do they recite empty values. Rather, Shihan challenges his leadership team to weigh, discuss, and even question and debate core principles and, most critically, decisions about how they will apply themselves on and off the floor. The goal is not simply to cultivate fine instructors, but, by virtue of their awareness, insight, and intellectual and emotional engagement, a generation of potent, thoughtful leaders.

Shihan invites all Shodans to meet with him to discuss this class and whether it might help to advance

Admission to this class is restricted to students 12 years and up, by invitation of Shihan James Chillemi.