Demo Team

New York Goju Karate Association is proud to announce a demo team. This training and performance opportunity is by invitation only, and for young black belt students under the age of twelve.

We often say that your training truly begins at black belt, and in celebration of this we have created this program. Everything you have learned, from white belt until now, will be called upon. Everything from the basic principles of focus and teamwork to advanced technique and structure will required to put together an exciting and comprehensive demo team performance.

This course is designed to focus on the three key elements of a successful drill team: technique, choreography and musicality.

Technique will be covered at a performance-level detail. That means that every stance, every punch and every kick will be studied carefully for the best results as a group working together. Students must be prepared to reinvestigate their basics with a new purpose: performance.

Choreography will range from traditional kata you are familiar with to advanced, new choreography that will be created by Sensei Ben Andersen, and added to by your ideas and suggestions. This will require practice, practice, practice!

Musicality will be what puts everything together. Fun, fast-paced music will be added to the choreography for the purposes of performance. This will require a basic understanding of tempo and rhythm, as well as an ability to execute choreography with clean technique at an exciting performance level.

This elite team will perform locally at schools and other venues, as well as in the annual Spring Spectacular performance at SUNY Purchase. The demo team will train every other week on Monday evenings from 7 to 8 p.m., and membership is by invitation from Shihan Jim Chillemi.