Whether you are interested in our programs for mental or physical well being, New York Goju Karate offers a number of programs to fit your developmental and schedule needs.

Our rank specific classes are open to students of all ages. These classes focus on comprehensive review of previously learned techniques as the foundation to all future learning. Instruction of rank-specific curriculum is also a keystone of this class structure. Sparring, at the yellow belt level and above, is regular. Please see our class schedule for details.

Mission statement for NYGKA pre school program: "Learning how to learn"

We do not seek to control the child- we teach self control. Our lesson plans build on active participation in class. We seek to empower the child through instilling the attitude of: yes I can!

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We are known for our world class Birthday Parties! Sundays 12:30-2:00 and 3:00-4:30. Includes a fun class of your choice with at least two instructors! Call for more information.

Taking that first step to train in the martial arts can feel intimidating. We may not be sure that we've got the time to commit to training given work and family obligations.

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Leadership Class

Those who train regularly with us or who have simply explored the web site have grasped that many things separate NYGKA from the field of martial arts education. The cornerstone of all of our programs is Shihan’s GOLD [Goal-Oriented Leadership Development] Leadership class.

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New York Goju Karate Association is proud to announce a demo team. This training and performance opportunity is by invitation only, and for young black belt students under the age of twelve.

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Whether you are a white belt just learning the ropes or a black belt working on honing your technique and establishing your mindset, private lessons offer a unique opportunity to receive sustained, focused attention and help from one of our seasoned instructors.

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****2014 Spring Karate Schedule****
Session Begins January 27th