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Google Adwords

Google has recognized us as AdWords certified professionals, meaning that We’ve passed multiple exams that assess our product expertise. We are qualified to help you grow your business on the web using Google AdWords. Pay for only the targeted traffic you want. We have managed millions of dollars of Google Adwords.  Give us a call today.

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Question -
Do you have a website that you want to drive more targeted traffic to?
Remember…traffic equals Clients.

Answer -
Google Adwords – Pay per click


You only pay for the customers, searching for your service that click on your ad.
Ads are ranked on a Google search result page according to the amount the advertiser “bid”.

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Our Services
Pay Per Click – Campaign Setup

    Targeted keyphrase research and selection
    i.e. -  “White Plains Divorce Lawyer”
    You can have as many search words/phrases  as you want!
    Appropriate use of negative keyphrases
    Compelling ad copy creation
    Effective budget setting and ongoing management
    Financial metric goal setting and performance management

Campaign Management

    Ongoing keyphrase performance tracking, reporting and optimization.
    Ad group management and optimization
    Competitive ad testing and analysis for maximum effectiveness
    Bid monitoring and management
    Expert budget management and optimization
    Monthly detailed reporting